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We offer a wide variety of the off-the-shelf printing designs, but if you’re looking for custom, we are eager to help transition from the back of a napkin design to large scale printing production.

We make custom printed slides easy. Draw a rough sketch and we will turn it into a final product.

Our foundry offers a wide variety of inks and substrates to cater to almost any application. We specialize in customizing a job to fit your needs, and will work with you until you are satisfied with your design.

  • Design your own slide
  • Applications from microfluidics to complex automation
  • Slide printing on one or both sides
  • Super hydrophobic inks are ideal for isolating multiple conditions for parallelzation of experiments.
  • Integrate electrodes into your design for slide heating or measurement.
Contact us to find out how this technology can assist your research project:
  • We promise to keep your info top secret.
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The multi-well layout is a common choice. Choose the number of wells and spacing to optimize your experimentation. Want printing on a custom-sized substrate? No problem! We offer glass cutting services.

Our printed platforms are utilized by everyone from academic researchers to industrial partners. SDL will help you design a printed platform specifically engineered for your equipment or commercial system.

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