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Droplet microfluidic technologies have undergone rapid progress over the last decade. One exciting application is in digital PCR, where researchers can accurately identify and quantify DNA.

Microfluidic droplet generators are the future of multi-well plates.

Thousands of identical-size droplets can be formed each second. Each individual droplet is a reaction center, which translates to an increase in experimental throughput over traditional microtiter plates.

Droplet microfluidic applications:

  • Digital polymerase chain reaction (dPCR)
  • Single cell culture
  • High-throughput screening and analysis
  • Protein crystallization
  • Immunoassays
  • Cell biology research
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Each droplet is a reaction center, replacing the wells of a multiwell plate. Imagine creating thousands of wells per second. Try faster and more effective experimentation!

Whether you provide us with a design or we help you create one, we can convert a detailed CAD file into a high resolution microfabricated chip in our MEMS foundry. Whether you only want a few or many, we’ve got you covered.

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