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Microfluidics is an exciting new technology with a number of promising applications. SDL offers rapid prototyping and iterative design services for your lab-on-a-chip device, with scale-up capabilities.

Our MEMS foundry engineers are experienced in translating customer needs to effective designs, including microfluidic chips.

We specialize in rapid prototyping and iterative design, and can scale-up production to meet your needs once we’ve passed the initial testing phase. Whether it’s controlling the cell microenvironment or high throughput screening, we are eager to help you with your projects. Combine technologies for lab on a chip platforms; for example, integrate electrodes into a microfluidic chip for thermocycling.


  • PDMS microfluidics
  • Droplet generators
  • Microscale reactors
  • Substrate micropatterning
  • Printed microfluidics
  • Lateral flow assays
  • Combinatorial technologies and custom development
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Microfluidic droplet generation is the future of multiwell plates. We are the experts in designing the most cost-effective droplet generators.

Have an already established design? Have SDL produce chips for you, yielding better reproducibility and freeing up time for research. Need help in determining channel geometry or other aspects of your chip? Consult with our team of engineers to develop and apply the ideal design.

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