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Image Quality

  • Maintains quality* image acquisition of photomicrographs, comparable with standard captured images.
  • Maintains microscope-like navigation.
  • Seamless integration of any smartphone within the existing laboratory workflow.
  • Acquired image is the same as seen through the ocular lens.

*Image quality is as excellent as your microscope and your smartphone camera.


Wide Compatibility

  • Compatible with any Smartphone
  • No requirement for optical alignment.
  • Stable imagery with platform securely mounted on the eyepiece.
  • Smartphone can be used with a protective case.
  • Valid in both clinical and training settings.


Improved Posture

  • Reduced eyestrain and physical stress.
  • Improve work efficiency with no awkward work posture


Aquire & share

  • Share image or video from the microscopic slide for consultation, training and documentation.
  • Novel solution for capturing images for educational purposes.
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Clever engineering allows this tool to use the existing camera in any smartphone to take photos and video of exactly what you are seeing through any microscope lens.

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