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Our microfabrication capabilities translate to the realization of your bioMEMS projects! Our foundry services offer rapid prototyping and iterative evaluation, and we can scale-up your designs past the testing/research phase for mass production. Whether it is lab-on-a-chip platforms or fluorescent microscopy substrates call 847-803-9495 to talk with our experts.

Our PDMS capabilites are unique

  • Microfluidic droplet generator chips for digital PCR
  • Single cell research
  • Substrate micropatterning
  • Rapid prototyping, iterative design, and scale-up mass manufacturing
  • Cell biology research
  • Assays and arrays
  • Custom platform development
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We do everything from simple microfluidic mixers to complex multi-layer bioreactors. We specialize in combinatorial technologies and are eager to provide custom solutions for your projects.

Provide us with a microscale design, or consult with our engineers to develop the best platform for your application. We have expertise in translating your needs to effective MEMS tools.

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