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With our precision ink printing processes, we are capable of transfering high resolution patterns in the x, y, and z-axis. This means precision ink thickness deposition to yield a defined height between the glass substrate and the material placed on top of the printed slide, such as a coverslip.

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We employ a number of cutting-edge technologies to deposit a variety of inks on glass substrates. Some applications include:

  • Height establishment off the slide to control contained fluid volumes
  • Hydrophobic ink patterning for microarrays
  • Cell research platforms such as for chemotaxis or cell culture
  • Capillary microfluidic chips for diagnostic assays and chemotaxis studies
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Our printing processes permit the deposition of high resolution features, such as for this microarray platform. The hydrophobic black ink keeps wells isolated but the “flat” topology allows for easy processing.

We offer high resolution printing of a wide variety of ink materials, including hydrophobic and conductive inks. We even offer capillary microfluidics chips for a very cost-effective diagnostic platform option.

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