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arrow-red-right2Explore how various Patterned superhydrophobic slides can enhance your process

STICK or SLIDE  – Hydrophobic & Hydrophilic in custom patterns

Ensure that your solutions stick only where you want them to with our superhydrophobic, surface coatings. Water simply rolls off the areas treated with our nanostructured coating, while hydrophilic regions can be patterned with flexible geometries, allowing you to create anything from droplet arrays to open-channel microfluidic networks in a planar glass slide format. The coatings are completely transparent and resistant to moisture, heat, and ultraviolet light.
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Hydrophobic Coatings make for a very high contact angle. Contact us for more information.

Researchers from both academia and industry have utilized our coated slides. Combine with slide printing or microfluidics to optimize your experiments!

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